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Milana Ellison

Milana Ellison Is A  Humanitarian To Azerbaijan

Milana EllisonMilana Ellison is a humanitarian who spends her time in the pursuit of helping underprivileged children and has been working on Peace Corps type programs that educate little boys and girls in Azerbaijan in order to help them to lead a more full life.

Given there are millions of underprivileged children in Azerbaijan, it is statistically insignificant that they should have some grow to be  Olympic athletes, Laureate winners and thought leaders who make the world a better place.

The ability to nurture Azerbaijan’s human intellectual capita is strictly a function of perseverance and dedication for which Milana Ellison has much.  The children are carving to learn but it is only through providing them with the knowledge training and experience will they reach their full potential.

Milana Ellison has been working to better the fundamental soundness of the Azerbaijani youth by working with educational institutions, community programs, and community power groups to help support the infrastructure needed for the children to realize their dreams.
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